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How to Use the New Squarespace Image Block

Squarespace is Upgrading their Visuals Game

And you’re on the front-end of it!

Squarespace is the perfect web design platform for minimal + chic websites for influencers & creative businesses.

Squarespaceโ€™s dedication to improving and innovating the platform is impressive. As a Squarespace Circle Member, I am so excited to be at the forefront of whatโ€™s new. Even if Circle members canโ€™t discuss it, Squarespace works to improve and innovate its platform to better work with and empower the small businesses that rely on it. So refreshing!

New Squarespace Feature: Image Block 2.0

They’veย announced the latest launch, Image Block 2.0. *UPDATE*ย Now it’s available for use everywhere (Posts, Pages, etc). Image Block 2.0 allows you to add modern & on-trend styling to your image directly while editing the page, decreasing design time and page-loading time. (And bonus) acts as an added boost to SEO (since itโ€™s live text). ย You can add an Image Link to each one, this will produce either a button or a clear link over the image.

Where to Find + What's New

Create or edit an existing Image Block > In the IMAGE editing dialog window, you now see Design.

Choose from Six Options for Image Blocks

  1. Inline (Original)
  2. Poster
  3. Card
  4. Overlap
  5. Collage
  6. Stack


Adds copy underneath the image (in line with surrounding text). Able to stretch image to fit container or Enable lightbox. This is the standard method that was in place before. Iโ€™ve chosen the inline option that shows up when you hover.


The Poster block places text directly on top of the image.



Places a portion of the text on top of the image with an optional highlight color



Multi-column rows of stacked images and text. Ideal to stack multiple images together.

Want to see how to utilize it?
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Which one is your favorite?

I love theย Poster card.

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