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Make A Week’s Worth of Social Media Graphics in 15 Minutes With Canva

#CreateHerSpace Mini-Tutorial on Canva

What You’ll Need…

  • Skill-level: Beginners (some knowledge of how to create a basic design in Canva)
  • An account on (Get Started for Free!)
  • A list of quotes/tips/copy to use for each individual image
  • Additional images for backgrounds

A Powerful Tool for those Who DIY Design for their Online Businesses + Brands

You donโ€™t need a degree or extensive experience in design in order to use Canva to elevate and systematize graphics creation. is a free/paid design tool for online businesses and marketers. It has templates and also allows you to upload graphics and photos you want to use for on-brand graphics. Within the editor, thereโ€™s also options for stock photos to purchase (and some are free) for your business.

Freedom to Create and Communicate

Canva is perfect for creating an extensive amount of graphics. I recommend my clients use Canva to create quotes for social media, banners for email & site ads, planning mood boards for Instagram, and even Blog/Pinterest Covers. Canva is truly a game-changer for many small business owners with a small budget and big heart.

Increase Productivity With Canvaโ€™s โ€˜Copy Pageโ€™ Feature

Today I want to talk about how you can use Canvaโ€™s page feature to create a series of images in one sitting. Think of it as a way to mass produce 2 weekโ€™s worth of social media quote graphics. This is helpful for Instagram feeds that alternate between photography and inspirational quotes. Perfect for creating multiple images for a series like #TipTuesday or even if you feature other businesses/brands on your Instagram; it allows you to streamlie and batch your graphics.

So, curious about how this might work out in your business? Continue reading below.

Steps on how to use copy page + save multiple graphics at once


Step 1. Create Your Design or Open Up One You Use Previously.ย The first page of the design is what weโ€™ll consider your Template. A template is basically editable text over standard background layers. You can choose a pre-made one or create your own



Step 2. Once the Template is standardized, click on the copy page button on the right of the page.


Step 3. Edit dynamic elements like text and photos for the newly copied layer

Repeat Step 3, adding in the new text/images with each copy.


Step 4. With all your pages ready, itโ€™s time to download all of your pages as separate graphics.

Go to Download > Choose file type (PNG recommended) > All Pages > Download



And, voila! Your image files are ready for you to post in a scheduler like Coschedule or Planoly.

FYI: Thereโ€™s a similar method to this using Adobe Photoshop + Artboards.

Simple step thatโ€™s super helpful if youโ€™re already familiar with Canva!ย 


How to Add This to Your Process

Have a Google Doc or Notes file with quotes/tips/copy you already wrote out, so you can just paste it into the templates.


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Narsha Design Co, Createher Space Mini-Tutorial


  • March 26, 2017

    Just discovered Canva and I love it! My IG posts have been getting more likes since I started creating posts with Canva.

    • April 6, 2017

      Yes! Visuals are so important! It’s incredible to have a tool like this that allows people to streamline without paying $$$ for a program that gives more than they need.

  • March 26, 2017

    Very helpful tip!


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