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Best Props for Flatlays: Top Favorite ‘Prop-stops’ in Target

Atlanta, GA Prop Shopping in Target  – Shopping for props is my favorite step when it comes to flatlays. Along with everything else that goes into the planning and prep for perfect flatlays, prop-shopping is to flatlays as picking out the perfect paint hues is to painting a masterpiece.

Prop Stop:

Jumpstarting my photo stylist diaries series with a quick peek at my favorite areas to find props in Target. No true audio in this video, but I share my favorite Departments and Brands below the video.

See any favorite props/brands for your flatlays?

My favorite departments to pop in and check:

  • Dollar Spot also called Bullseye’s Playground
  • Home / Home Essentials
  • School & Office Supplies
  • Any clearance section: Home, Bath, School & Office Supplies, & Accessories departments
  • Accessories
  • Beauty

Featured in the video

Dollar Spot AKA Bullseye’s Playground

Perfect for cute pens/pencils with patterns and florals. The items in this section change with every holiday season (Think: Christmas, Fall, Spring, Valentine’s Day, etc). So it’s good to check back every 25-40 days.

School & Office Supplies

Nate Berkus, UBrands, and Threshhold rule this section. It’s perfect for planners, notebooks, cute desktop accessories, & other office essentials. When I visited in March 2017, these were the items that were on the shelves. Definitely a welcome refresh, as the Nate Berkus line hasn’t had any MAJOR changes since 2015.


Mugs, Table cloths, marble accented things, Rose gold or silver accented home goods, depending on your color story.
For sure. It really allows you to go shopping for things you’d use around your home anyway + stay photo ready :). Remember, you can build a brand on using the same props in multiple photos. Don’t shy away from it!


Check the clearance! – The clearance section very often allows for a few accent finds within budget.

Always go into Prop Shopping prepared!

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Where do you like to go for props?




  • March 14, 2017

    Great tips, thanks for sharing,


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