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4 Apps to Help You Create Clearer Content

Research is the best way to create content that is thorough, original, and valuable. Be valuable by leading readers to results they can take action on immediately. Like going on a rich journey to an ideal result.

These 4 apps will help you:
  • organize your research
  • see more information on your screen at once
  • be clear about your goals


Please note, I use an iPhone,  with a Macbook and the Google Chrome browser.

The apps we’ll discuss today are:
  • Pinterest
  • Toby Chrome Browser Extension
  • Pocket
  • Magnet


So let’s dive in! First up:

Create a Secret Board on Pinterest

Secret boards on Pinterest let you gather ideas in one place, in a visual way. Kind of like a mood board. Here’s mine:

Mood boards are great at keeping you on track with original visual ideas. Create a Secret Board by creating a regular board and setting it to Secret. You can add pins from what you see on other websites and upload from your computer.

Here’s a quick video on how to create a secret board:

Stop browser tab overload with Toby

Toby is a Google extension that allows you to organize browser tabs into lists. It’s especially helpful when you look up and see you have 20+ tabs open and you need them all. 

Install Toby via the Google Chrome Store. You can also download on their website: (click on “Add Toby to Chrome”). Don’t use Google Chrome? You can download it for free here and give it a spin. Unfamiliar with Google Chrome Extensions? There are  tons to help you be more productive, insightful, and efficient. Here’s more info on how to install and uninstall Google Chrome extensions.

Get an idea of how Toby works by seeing how I used it for this blog post:

Global list of Websites

Pocket has an app for your computer, phone, and tablet. A seamless way to keep up with the links you read  and a place to get back to them quickly when you need it.

I use the Free version. Premium has more features for higher volume use. Like saving the original state of websites even if they go offline or change content.

Add links with ease:

Get a Clear Overview of All That You’re Working With using Magnet (for Mac)

I know that the Windows operating system has this functionality built in. And there are various options for Mac, but I found Magnet as a lightweight version in the Mac App Store.  Drag windows and fill the different grid spaces, shown on their website. I clipped a little example for you to see below.

Creating valuable content doesn’t have to be confusing. Getting organized. Include these apps in your process to calm overwhelm and take action on your big ideas!

Your Turn!

Found a new favorite from this list or what want to share your own? Leave a comment below and let’s chat!


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