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If you’re like many content creators out in this wonderful world wide web, you love or are strongly interested in taking better flatlay photography.   (Incase you’re new, a flatlay is a styled, organized photo, shot directly from above using either a phone or a DSLR/point-and-shoot camera.Β Flatlays are characteristically styled to be extremely aesthetically pleasing while telling a story that is easy for the target audience to digest quickly and enjoy. Upper-level definition:Β They are used strategically by Influencers/Bloggers to work with brands that are a good fit for their audience).Β Flatlays are the mini-magazine of bloggers, influencers, & creative business owners online.  

So while participating in the #HERmovementΒ Twitter Chat, I was asked:

Β What are the keys to a successful flatlay photo?

    Let's get some snacks. This is going to be fun! Now I love flatlays so I feel like I could give 100+ keys, all based on specific angles relevant to different industries . And I know I can go into the specifics on lighting and home photo setupΒ , or the basics you need for a flatlay setup and photoshoot. Today, let’s get into the thinking & practicality of what makes a flatlay successful, so you have a better mindset Β going into your photography sessions.

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