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How to host a webinar using squarespace

How to Host a Webinar Using Squarespace


Hosting a webinar is a great way to provide your audience with valuable information, give them the steps necessary to execute, and extend your expertise. While there are some paid platforms that can host your webinar, sometimes you need a creative way, that you control to get the job done.

Here is a three part process in:

  • Creating a GoogleHangouts Live Stream via YouTube Live
  • Organizing a chat window
  • Creating a Password-Protected Landing Page for your webinar

What you will need:

YouTube Account (personal gmail account preferred)
Squarespace Website
Chatango.com Account
Graphics for your Webinar (logo, header image, workbook or any other digital downloads)

View the Video Below to get a visual walkthrough of the process!

Here are the steps outlined for you:

Setup your Google Hangouts Live Stream Feed.

Log into YouTube > Creator Studio > Live Streaming > Events

Click on New Live Event

  • Fill out the Title
  • Set the date (in the future) for the webinar
  • Fill out the Description
  • Set to 
  • Select Quick, using Google Hangouts on Air.

Note: there have been some errors with using this feature with a BUSINESS GMAIL ACCOUNT (Now called GSUITE). You’ll want to test this before your webinar goes live. In that case, create a YouTube channel/account using a personal or @gmail.com email address. It’s okay to do this. You can stream professionally even with a personal account too; you really just need the embed code.

 Get the Embed Link

Save the embed code in a Text Document or remember where to come back for it; You’ll need this for your Squarespace page.


Click on Show More. You can adjust the width of the box.
Recommended: Set the size to match the width of your chat box (see next) or 700px wide)

Step 2: Create Your Chat Area

Chat boxes are perfect for continuing the conversation among your visitors. They also allow you a way to interact and have a Q&A.

There are multiple resources used to setup this type of content. You can start with Chatango.com it’s free and customizable.

  1. Go to Chatango.com
  2. Create your account or login
  3. Click “Add a group chat to your web page.”
  4. Select “Box
  5. Set the Width to be similar to your Youtube window, so it fills the screen
  6. Look at the images

Create Your Password-Protected Webinar Page in Squarespace.

You will need:

  1. Your YouTube streaming embed code
  2. A chat box embed code
  3. A password to protect the page (Remember to send this password to your viewers send out to your viewers via email)
  4. Optional Styling the page with graphics, like a header with the name of your webinar)

Use the code block in Squarespace to paste any Embed codes (e.g. YouTube embed link + Chat software).

And that’s about it! Super easy right?

Happy Streaming!



  • Trish

    May 15, 2018

    This saved me so much time and troubleshooting – thank you!

    • Narsha

      November 28, 2018

      Happy to help!

  • Alyssia Plata

    January 12, 2019

    I love you!! Thank you for posting about chatango, I’m so excited for my first webinar now!!


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