The web is amazing place, full of opportunities to connect with readers and potential clients whose lives you can change. Let's build your home online so you can connect with them.

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Let’s Not Leave Your Online Presence to Chance. focuses on more than just building websites or building brands. We are focused on building a website platform that allows you to reach the audience you’re meant to serve, and have the impact you’re meant to achieve, through Strategy, Design, & Analytics.

x VIsual Strategy

How you present yourself online matters. To your audience yes but also making sure those visuals are relevant to your brand's message. Authenticity goes hand in hand with building a legacy online.

v Social Media Strategy

You don't need to be on every single social media platform to reach your audience. Only the ones that matter and then you need to know exactly how to tell your story on that one platform. Let's work together to make a social media strategy that's true to your business.

b Web Design

Your website is your conversion machine. Your content + social media brings relevant visitors to your site where they sign up and/or hire you to receive more value. Let us build a website that has specific conversion methods and strong content + visual placement to help you build your clientle and email list with solid leads + an audience you'll love to connect with.

m Graphic Design

When your branding is in place, you're just focusing on consistently putting value in front of your audience. This is where our strategic, chic, & visually pleasing graphics empower your visual communication. Especially on Twitter, Instagram, and Email Newsletters.

n Content Strategy

Content can be more than just blog posts. Now, it's video, courses, PDF workbooks, mini-email courses, and the list goes on. The big questions are: which content best reaches and serves your industry + audience? Which technologies and apps will help you facilitate launches and automate processes so you can create passive incomes? Let Narsha Design Co. help you iron out the specifics , getting you back to focusing on content.

c Friendly Email Funnels

Building an email list is the cornerstone of every small business. Yet this task is commonly overlooked due to overthinking of the process. Let's iron out the kinks and get you clear on how to move forward with building your email list.

Custom Squarespace Website

LT in the City: Blog

Custom WordPress Website

Course Launch Graphics Design + Promo

Mattie James

Custom Squarespace Website

The Travelher Co

Video Editing

Summer Denim Lookbook

Custom Squarespace Design

Neffy Anderson

Inner Beauty Interiors - Coming soon!

Custom Squarespace

Jazmine Irene Designs

Brand Photography

Teachable Sales Page

Landing Page Design


Brand + Visual Strategy

Whether you’re just getting started online or you know it’s time to get better organized, we can work together to outline and organize how to bring your business + ideas together and build a cohesive online brand.


Your Home Online

Having a website full of pretty (but useless) graphics, noΒ clear calls-to-action is a waste of your money and your audience’s time. You and I can work together to build you a website that converts your readers to email subscribers and customers. I believe in websites that areΒ excellent in both form and function,Β so you achieve your business goals.

Choose from either Squarespace or WordPress, and let’s get building today!

Limited Monthly Packages Available

Virtual Visual Assistant

Get the technical + graphic design assistance you need to push your business farther. This package for a Virtual Visual Assistant allows you to get back to focusing on the content that your audience craves, while leaving the “how to do It” to me. I work closely as your digital creative partner to bring your content, courses, podcasts, and videos to life. 3-month minimum contract required.

Ready to Work Together?

It's important to give your business a real and serious chance to thrive online by working with someone who knows what matters & cares about what matters to you.

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